Dr. Liangqi (Frank) Xie, Principal Investigator

I was mentored by Dr.Robert Tjian (UC Berkeley/HHMI) as a postdoc.

I also visited Janelia Research Campus collaborating with Dr.James Zhe Liu.

In life, I like photography. In science, I love microscopy.

Amine, Postdoctoral Fellow

Bioinformatician. Previously working in illumina.

Le Xiong, Postdoctoral Fellow

Computational scientist. Le obtained his Ph.D. in Max Planck Institute supervised by Dr. Patrick Cramer

Ellen Hong, MD/PhD student

Co-advised with Drs.Peter Scacheri and Justin Lathia

Hongyu Zhao, Postdoctoral Fellow

Single-cell multiomics expert

Benjamin Hafey

Research Assistant

Reconstruction of 3D in situ Accessible Chromatin Domains in Embryonic Stem Cells Captured by the Lattice Light sheet Microscope