Feb.2023. We are delighted to have graduate student Ellen Hong from the MD/PhD program to join us. Ellen will be co-mentored by Peter Scacheri and Justin Lathia.

Feb.2023. Congratulations to Benjamin to be selected into the 2023 CanSUR program and awarded the generous stipend!

Jan.2023. Our lab has been selected into the VeloSano community. ‘VeloSano’ is a latin word for ‘swift cure’. We will work with the vibrant VeloSano community to contribute to the cure of cancer.

Jan.2023. We thank the new supplementary funding from American Cancer Society to support our lab’s cancer research.

Dec.2022. All Xie lab members went to LJ Shanghai and watched Avatar 2 to celebrate the new year. Go team, 2023!

Dec.2022. We are grateful to Mathers Foundation to support our multidisciplinary research in cancer immunity. Best Christmas gift to our lab!

Dec.2022. Our research receives another support from American Cancer Society Institutional Research Grants.

Nov.2022. Welcome Tianyi (Jerry) Yang, a 1st year graduate student from CWRU, to rotate in our lab.

Nov.2022. We warmly welcome Dr. Le Xiong to join us as a postdoctoral fellow.

Oct.2022. Our postdoc Amine was selected to attend Computational Genomics at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.

Sep.2022. We are pleased to receive an award from American Cancer Society to study cancer by imaging methods.

Aug.2022. Welcome to Benjamin from Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) to join the lab.

July.2022. Our research has been awarded a grant from Ohio Cancer Research.

June.2022. Our work is supported by Global Center for Pathogen & Human Health Research.

June.2022. First postdoctoral fellow and computational scientist Amine Bendahou has officially started.

May.2022. Single Molecule Localization and Super-resolution Structured Illumination Microscopy are up running.